Feb-11 Meeting Minutes

Ettiley Heath Playing Field Association (EHPFA) General Committee

Minutes 7th Feb 2011, 6.30pm, Rookery Tavern


 Constitution /Poole & Alcock/Charities commission: not completed JD to action

 Website: ongoing population of minutes and agendas

 Notice Board: complete and to be erected when ground softer. Help offered by Kath’s husband (in his absence). It was thought that as well as use for field it may be helpful to the community to advertise the activities available in the church hall on this boarc

 Finances: Current balance £524.63. Insurance Due May/


Playground application: Planning Department stalling (see chairman’s report)

Easy Access Ramp: Planning Permission not required. Grasscrete suggested material (see chairman’s report)

 Welly Wanging 2011: To be discussed as per meeting schedule presented as part of  Jan’s management committee meeting


 Church newsletter

The piece in the church newsletter was well received and led to discussion regarding how the church and the field committee could become closer and more connected.

 KSimm offered to check the availability of the Church Hall for March’s meeting and it was thought it may be a good idea to alternate venues monthly.

 KSimm invited the committee members to breakfast club at the church hall that takes place on the last Sat of each month and the general feeling was that one if not more of us would attend.

 Both the Church hall and the field should be treated as a community resource and can be connected in many ways

 It was thought that the Field Committee should write something for the next church newsletter (deadline 25th march) potentially detailing a date for the Welly Wang and a couple of photos of the new bulbs in bloom     

 On June-25th the Church Hall is running a Community Users event which we have been invited to attend to raise awareness.

 School newsletter

Working Parties

Quest for Palmer Mann: ongoing see chairman’s report


Meeting plan was agreed as follows:

Feb-11 General Committee,        Mar-11 ,                                    Apr-11 Welly Wang Planning,    

May-11 AGM,                            Jun-11 Welly Wang Planning,     Jul-11,                          Aug-11, Sep-11,                                     Oct-11 Carol Planning,               Nov-11 Carol Planning,  

Dec-11 Management Meeting,     Jan-12 Management Meeting


 Date of Next Meeting: 7-Mar-11

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