September 10 Minutes

Ettiley Heath Playing Field Association


6th Sept 2010, 6.30pm, Rookery Tavern

Present: MD, VM, DM, JD, GBr, JB, KS

Apologies: BB

Matters arising

New constitution /Poole & Alcock/Charities commission

£25 for initial consultation JD to request appointment Ongoing

Disabled access.

Meeting with Planning committee 15th Sept to check H&S implications of installing ramp access (separate from playground)

Website address

Populate with minutes, agendas, Contact form (Name), dates, events,  invites Ongoing

Notice Board

JD to produce permanent notice board Ongoing


Money and receipts required by GBr, Insurance was due 8th Aug, Expecting Waitrose money any day now

Playground Facility Grant

Due 9th Nov, Plan from Playdale worth £24000 submitted, Some contribution in form of fundraising required

Working Parties

13th Sept 5.30 onwards,  3rd Oct 10am onwards

Welly Wanging/Tombola

Total Raised £76.50, Event shows potential for future events, Results on Web page

Men: 1. Marvin Dean 27.14, 2. Andy Prince 26.45, 3. Michael Goodfellow 23.21

Women: 1. Jo Stanfield 19.83, 2. Scottie 17.91, 3. Annabel Perrin 17.56

Boys: 1. Rob Walker 17.90, 2. Dean Mathews 16.25

Girls: 1. Natasha Mathews 16.05, 2. Fiona Dean 11.82, 3. Ebony Brown 7.10

Juniors: 1. Baily Coleman 13.21, 2. Sam Vaneeathan 12.93, 3. Roxanne Perrin 7.39

Quest for Palmer Mann

Appointment for JD/British Salt ONGOING


Scarecrow festival by Wheelock school maybe potential for field, Would still like to pursue allotments if possible

Date of next meeting: 4th October 10

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Chair of the EHFPA
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