October 10 Minutes

Ettiley Heath Playing Field Association


4th Oct 2010, 6.30pm, Rookery Tavern

Present: BB, DM, VM, GB, JB

Apologies: MD, KS

Matters arising

New constitution /Poole & Alcock/Charities commission

Not yet been to PA to do

Easy Access Ramp

JD has been trying to persuade companies involved in Civil Engineering to get involved

Planning committee felt they needed to get more involved. They would like to have someone come and have a look. Disabled access is completely different to an easy access RAMP

Flowcrete may be worth a go


Access has been given, Minutes & Quiz results need to go on, Provide JD with details for Town Council

Notice Board

Ready to assembly in JDs workshop


Insurance £267.09 paid, May be worth shopping around next time, Accruals in a/c for JD/MD invoice & fundraising, Current @ £158.39, Well done GB for keeping track


Waitrose money due in 2 months or so following approval by Head office, Playground Facility Grant ongoing, £90 -£15 prize money for Quiz and Race to 11, £40 handed from Quiz from JB, £76.50 from Welly Wang with JD

Commitment to matching the waste bin monies £250 but no time scale

Working Parties

Cancelled 3rd Oct for torrential rain

10th Oct to do final clean up for winter

Mow, Strim, Bulb planting, Sandy Lane hack, Concrete sweep

Sweet/Biscuit Quiz

Sally Gatley Winner with 39/42, Results to the Web this evening

Quest for Palmer Mann

Letter written Mr Stevens MD of British Salt looking into it, Assured no danger to the long term lease


KS suggested the church produce a leaflet for all parishioners of Ettiley Heath and we could advertise there (free delivery)

DM to put together something that may be suitable for the church leaflet

DM to produce a small paragraph from jdS LETTER

Letter went to houses that backed on to field

4/5 responses positive

Communication from Dave Cole via facebook

Hi, I am unable to make the meeting but was very surprised to learn that the field was not run by the council. I have lived on Thornbrook Way for 8 years. Is it worth doing a leaflet drop to inform people as you may get more assistance and raise more funds.

on the point of fund raising, what about carols round a bonfire at Christmas? I’m sure the church would assist and the pub may well get some people calling in for a drink afterwards if people can park in the car park. You could sell tickets or send a collection tin round. also money could be made from selling hot drinks and maybe mince pies. plenty of time to arrange and with a bit of advertising in the church, pub and local schools i’m sure you would get a good turnout.

I’m happy to drop leaflets off or offer assistance where i can but with two young kids and a full time job i don’t have much time to offer but will do what i can.

Love the Carols idea

Start to arrange in partnership with Sandbach Voices DM/DC

Let them know that we’re getting into the Church newsletter

Date of next meeting: Mon 1st Nov

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