May 10 AGM Minutes

Ettiley Heath Playing Field Association (Charity Commission No. 520049)

Annual General Meeting

10 May 10, Rookery Tavern, 6.30pm

 Present: Vicky Muir (VM), John Davies (JD), Julia Birch (JB), Gordon Brookes (GBr), Beverley Beech (BB), Duncan Muir (DM), Andy Barnes (AB), Marvin Dean (MD)

 Apologies: Gary Beech (GBe), Charlotte Smedley (CS), Linda Johnson (LJ), Anne Scott (AS)

 Minutes of last AGM

The minutes of the Annual General Meeting held 11 May 09 were proposed (JD) and accepted as a true and accurate record of the meeting.

 Officers Reports

Chairman’s report presented by JD

JD thanked everyone for coming and supporting the continued efforts f the committee.

During the past year we have endeavoured to build on the success of the preceeding year when we, together with the support of the council and Highways Agency were able to close Sandy Lane as a thoroughfare for traffic and in doing so ensure the safety of people from all walks of life when walking or cycling. The committee courtesy of the generosity of local people were also able to provide a new entrance to encourage people not to walk across the playing field and compromise the availability of the sports pitch.

We started the year by planning what we considered to be priorities for the field to include it’s maintenance and up keep together with investigating the viability of a disabled access and sporting activities.

 We have purchased our own sit on lawn mower which allows us together with friends of the committee to ensure the grass and surrounding area is kept in good condition in particular pete Williams and Marvin Dean. We have organised several successful constructive working parties both on Sunday Mornings and evenings during the summer when we pick up litter, remove dog mess, clean up sandy lane and generally maintain the field. It is important for the community as a whole to recognise that the Council do not have any responsibility for the field or Sandy Lane although importantly we acknowledge their support.

 We received a grant from the town council of £700 in the summer which has been accessed for the purposes of insurance and equipment. We are currently building on this success and have made several applications to a variety of organisations for further funding. These we hope will allow us to turn our attentions to providing a disabled access and path along the field to link up with the estate together with other suitable facilities for our community.

 Recently the Sandbach clean team under the guidance of Dick Macaulay, have offered their support in endeavouring to provide better more substantial bins for the field and respective entrances which although ongoing I believe will be successful. Further Dick together with a local group of volunteers have offered their services to landscape the area by the entrance and supply trees. He now has 16 trees and work will commence next week.

 We are also investigating the possibility of adding family oriented allotments along the top area and side of the field with the Sandbach allotment Society. This would provide several local families a unique opportunity and provide the committee with regular income that would meet the annual expenses incurred with insurances etc.

 I anticipate next year will be an exciting one for the committee and community particularly the young people with new funds and opportunities to add to what is already a wonderful facility that all can enjoy.

However we all acknowledge that there are some difficulties that we must strive to overcome with litter vandalism and a degree of apathy.

In conclusion I wish to thank all the committee for their hard work commitment and dedication particularly in adverse weather conditions. But a personal thanks to Vicky, our secretary for keeping me in line, reasonable well organised and for just being there and finally to Dave and Wendy for allowing us to meet here each month and for their continued support.

AB Asked about Barclays matched funding and JD said we had looked at it and if a suitable fundraising event presented itself then we would go down this route

Treasurers report presented by GB

GB has found no record of our financial calendar in the archives so the AGM accepted the proposal that the financial year run to 1st Jan

Charity commission accounts have been registered for years 2008 & 2009

The current balance of £893.91

No invoices or costs this year apart from insurance

JB made reference to JD buying the mower that has not yet been reimbursed £450 outstanding.

The charities commission website needs updating and GB/JD are to add the data required

GB plans to retire next AGM

Committee Elections

In turn the committee members resigned their position either in person or in writing and were asked if they would like to stand again for committee. The meeting was asked if anyone would like to stand against. Suitable nominations and seconds were made and a vote taken by the remaining committee members

Name Position before AGM Resigned Stand Opposition Proposed Seconded Carried
JD Chairman Yes Yes No VM GBr Yes
GBr Treasurer Yes Yes No JB DM Yes
JB Joint-Member Yes Yes No JD BB Yes
VM Secretary Yes Yes No DM JD Yes
DM Joint-Member Yes Yes No BB JD Yes
GBe Joint-Member Yes Yes No JB BB Yes
BB Joint-Member Yes Yes No JD GBr Yes
AS None NA Yes No VM DM Yes
AB None NA Yes No JB BB Yes
MD None NA Yes No JD JB Yes


CS General Yes No
LJ General Yes Not present but would not like to stand for election

JD to write a letter thanking these members for their contribution to the committee

The meeting was asked if there was anyone else who would like to join the committee. LP was proposed (LJ), seconded (JD) and the proposal carried.

Committee for the coming year

Name Position
JD Chairman
GBr Treasurer
VM Secretary
JB Member
DM Member
GBe Member
BB Member
AS Member
AB Member
MD Member


Any Other Business

Adoption of new constitution: Proposed VM, Seconded JD. Passed unanimously signed copy available on request from the secretary

JD to clear with Poole & Alcock & verify with Charities commission

JD Also noted that we should get a member of the Methodist church involved and offered to write another letter of invite


It was agreed by the meeting that a potential fundraising activity be discussed at the next general meeting

 Date of next general meeting: 7th June 6.30pm

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