March 10 Minutes

Ettiley Heath Playing Field Association


22nd March 2010, 6.30pm, Rookery Tavern

Present: John Davies (JD), Vicky/Duncan Muir (VM/DM), Julia Birch (JB), Linda Johnson (LJ)

Apologies: Lindy Powell (LP), Gordon Brookes (GB), Charolotte Smedley

Absent: Marvin Dean (MD), Gary/Beverley Beech (GBe, BB)


JD presented the information to the meeting that had been provided to him regarding possible funding opportunities for field projects. The following applications were taken away for investigation/application

Committee Member Organisation Project
LJ O2 It’s your community Additional Dog Bin (s)
JB Lottery Programs Awards for All Notice board
JD Football Foundation Replacement Goal Posts
JD B&Q Planting Equipment
VM Lottery Peoples Millions Sandy Lane & Field Planting and Improvements


There are still plenty of potential applications left so just give me a shout if you’d like to have a look through

Next meeting 12th April for leafleting regarding AGM

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Chair of the EHFPA
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