June 10 Minutes

Ettiley Heath Playing Field Association (EHPFA)

Minutes of the General Committee Meeting – 7th June 2010

1. Apologies

Present: Marvin, John Davies (JD), Bev, Duncan Muir (DM)

Apologies: Vicky Muir (VM), Catherine Sim (CS)

2. Management Committee Identification

Currently 8 active members on the committee. JD said he had found a new volunteer from the church (see item 8 below). ‘Old’ constitution limited number of committee members to 8. ‘New’ constitution (yet to be ratified see item 7 below) does not limit number of committee members and any new members should be welcome to join the committee.

3. Tree Planting on The Field

New trees planted at the Sandy Lane entrance of the Field were donated by a nursery in Middlewich and planted by the Sandbach Clean Team. JD has written a thank you letter to the nursery. On-going maintenance of the trees will be shared between the Clean Team and the EHPFA. JD said he will be planting some flower bulbs in appropriate places on the Field.

4. Allotments

8 allotments have been proposed for the Field, located in the ‘top corner’ and forming an L-shape. DM and JD re-iterated the importance of involving the local youth. JD said any tenants of allotments would need to demonstrate family involvement. The formation of allotments on the field has been tentatively approved by the EHPFA and is now in the hands of ????? for future discussion. The next meeting of this group is to be Tuesday 8th June. JD to report any progress.

5. Fundraising

DM and VM said they would be organising a Welly-Wang to raise funds for the field. DM to present further details at the next meeting.

6. Working Parties

There was a discussion on the best time for working parties and the level of commitment some members are/not able to give. Decided that working parties be performed on 3rd Monday evening of each month and the Sunday morning before the 1st Monday of each month.

7. Constitution

With any creation of allotments on the field requiring input and approval from Poole & Alcock (P&A), and the ‘new’ constitution requiring approval from P&A, it was deemed appropriate that both issues be tackled at the same time and thus save the committee some money. Constitution will not be submitted to Charities Commission until approved by P&A. JD to determine when submission to P&A is most appropriate.

8. New Members

JD was very pleased to report that Catherine Sim has offered to join the EHPFA as a committee member, and we are delighted to welcome her as such. Catherine has been a member of EHPFA in the past, and is also a member of The Church on the Heath. Catherine was not able to attend the meeting due to prior commitments.

9. Grant Fundraising Updates

JD said that he had applied for a £1500 community grant, and to Sainsburys/Waitrose ??? (again). The sports-based application has not yet been submitted.


JD mentioned a desire to provide proper disabled access to the Field for wheelchairs, elderly people, buggies etc. JD to provide more detailed plans.

Due to adverse personal economic circumstances JS has asked to be paid for the mower he previously purchased for the Field. Gordon Brookes has arranged for payment to be made.


These minutes were prepared by DM due to VM being unavailable. DM would like to apologise for any errors or miss-spellings in these minutes and will amend if required.

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