July 10 Minutes

Ettiley Heath Playing Field Association

Minutes 5th July 2010, 6.30pm, Rookery Tavern

 Present: Vicky Muir (VM), John Davies (JD), Julia Birch (JB), Duncan Muir (DM), Bev Beech (BB), Marvin Dean (MD)

Apologies: Gordon Brookes (GB)

Minutes from last meeting accepted

Matters arising

Tree Planting on The Field: watered and looked after by Sandbach clean team man

Management Committee member identification

Chair: JD

Secretary: VM

Treasurer: GB

Member: MD proposed JD Seconded DM

 Family allotments

Mail received from Sandbach allotment society. No resources for such a small site for water, fences, storage, insurance. But may be individuals on membership that would like an allotment.

Likely that water would be the main expense.

Idea to ask the allotment society what do you need £’s and goods in kind.

JD to respond: Thanks, understand the difficulties you are seeing at this time. Please do come and discuss what we can do for you to make this a possible partnership.

Specifically it would be possible for “us” to fence off an area, plough and prepare.

Welly Wanging/Tombola (see attached plan)

11 – 2pm  21st August

Come along give us money and throw a welly

Categories: Men, Women, Boys (U16), Girls (U16), Juniors (U10)

Julia suggested giving flyers at school before break up and assembly

Simon to do quiz to sell

Anything else that a committee member would like to run alongside is more than welcome

Working Party

Aim to involve others in the future. Next is 2 weeks tonight  (19th July) & Sunday before 2nd August

Date and time of meetings going forward

JD check with Scout man & Kathryn. But continue as first Monday for now

New constitution /Poole & Alcock/Charities commission

£25 for initial consultation JD to request appointment

Grant/funding/project updates

CommitteeMember Organisation Amount Project Progress
JB Lottery ProgramsAwards for All   Notice board Ongoing
JD B&Q   Planting Equipment  
JD Community Grant £1500   April 1st missed, resubmitted for  1st Sept
JD Football Foundation   ReplacementGoal Posts Not done yet possibly not required
JD Landfill Charity Lat year gave 1.25 million to Cheshire. Amounts like 10s of thousands   Meet in September man who runs it
JD Waitrose As much as people offer tokens to   Reapplications ongoing

 Finance update

£350 paid to JD for Mower + other small items for working party


Desire as committee to look at Disabled access. Will need to submit formally to council for planning permission. MD/JD have discussed means and are to come to decision, (submit planning to committee and council) and costing for next meeting? Slab main entrance and exit.

Website address to be populated with minutes, agendas, Contact form (Name), dates, events,  invites

Quest for Palmer Mann is moving to new heights with appointment for JD/British Salt

JD to produce temp notice board in next two weeks

Date of next meeting: Aug 2nd 2010

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