August 10 Minutes

Ettiley Heath Playing Field Association

Agenda 2nd August 2010, 6.30pm, Rookery Tavern

Apologies None

Matters arising

Family allotments

 JD to respond: Thanks, understand the difficulties you are seeing at this time. Please do come and discuss what we can do for you to make this a possible partnership. Specifically it would be possible for “us” to fence off an area, plough and prepare. COMPLETE

Working Parties

Planned for 19th July & 1st August  NOT DONE

Next Planned for Morning of Welly Wang (21st) from 9am to tidy/set up for the day

New constitution /Poole & Alcock/Charities commission

£25 for initial consultation JD to request appointment COMPLETE AWAITING REPLY

Disabled access.

MD/JD have discussed means and are to come to decision, (submit planning to committee and council) and costing for next meeting? Slab main entrance and exit. COMPLETE awaiting reply

Website address

Populate with minutes, agendas, Contact form (Name), dates, events,  invites

Live at Lunch time today and ready for populating Duncan can provide instruction and access but for now we’ll go through Dunc

Quest for Palmer Mann

Appointment for JD/British Salt ONGOING

Notice Board

JD to produce temp notice board in next two weeks

 Welly Wanging/Tombola

As below


Date of next meeting: 6.30pm to distribute Welly Wang Flyers

About John Stones

Chair of the EHFPA
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